Groveway Dental Associates

Cosmetic & General Dentistry located in Houston, TX

About Groveway Dental Associates

Groveway Dental Associates is an outstanding dental care resource, serving the communities of Houston, Texas, and beyond. Under the leadership of highly skilled dentist Selma Guttin, DDS, the practice is thriving and is among the most highly sought-after dental offices in the area. 

Preventive dental care is the foundation of the practice. Comprehensive dental exams and professional cleanings ensure that Dr. Guttin is able to detect signs of decay or disease in the earliest possible stages. Dental sealants can help prevent cavities in children.

Restorative care services include tooth-colored fillings, bonding, root canals, crowns, bridges, and more. A conservative approach is always preferred, and every effort is made to preserve as much healthy tooth tissue as possible. The practice also specializes in diagnosing and treating TMJ, a common jaw condition.

Cosmetic treatments include orthodontics to deliver a straighter smile. Teeth whitening and dental veneers can also bring you closer to your ideal smile. Dr. Guttin works closely with each patient to design a customized cosmetic dentistry treatment plan that aligns with their needs, goals, and budget.

State-of-the-art technology enables all diagnostic and treatment services at Groveway Dental Associates. Even the systems used for recordkeeping and scheduling are some of the best platforms in the industry. 

Residents in and around Houston, Texas, who are searching for outstanding dental care from a provider who truly cares should set up a visit at Groveway Dental Associates. Booking options include an online scheduling tool or a simple phone call, making it easy to connect with a great team of dental professionals.

Groveway Dental Associates
✆ Phone (appointments): 832-981-2470
✆ Phone (general inquiries): 713-641-1118
Address: 4501 Groveway Dr, Houston, TX 77087